A 3-legged surprise kitten modified her fur coloration all through her journey to discovering her dream residence.

Peggy the kittenJin’s Bottle Babies

Earlier this yr, Jin’s Bottle Babies, a kitten rescue in Phoenix, Arizona, took in a litter of 5 kittens who had been discovered close to an condominium complicated.

A Good Samaritan noticed all of them twisted up collectively underneath a bush once they have been simply newborns. There was no signal of a mom cat, and the kittens (4 black and one gray) have been instantly taken into foster care.

Peggy, the runt of the litter, was in tough form and began fading. “Her (back) leg had been constricted by the umbilical cord and was already falling off, so I offered to help her,” Shelbi Uyehara, the founding father of Jin’s Bottle Babies, advised Love Meow.

baby kitten

Peggy was discovered underneath a bush alongside along with her siblingsJin’s Bottle Babies

Shelbi took the weakest child into her care, whereas the woman who’d discovered the kittens, volunteered to foster the remainder of the litter.

With one-on-one important care, Peggy was introduced again from the brink and perked up. She was in a position to reunite along with her siblings, and the 5 kittens got here to Shelbi’s residence to proceed their foster journey.

kitten eyes open

Peggy opened her eyes to see for the primary timeJin’s Bottle Babies

Around 3-4 weeks of age, Shelbi observed a drastic change in fur coloration for a number of the kittens, and Peggy’s was probably the most excessive case of all.

It’s laborious to pinpoint if the smokey coloration was the results of a “fever coat,” which happens when the cat mom is underneath stress or falls ailing throughout being pregnant.

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fever coat kitten

Her fur coloration began to alter round 3-4 weeks previousJin’s Bottle Babies

“The verdict is still out on if it is a ‘fever coat’ that appeared later, or if they’re a smoke coated litter because they all still have their smokey wisps,” Shelbi advised Love Meow.

Peggy grew a layer of gray all through her authentic black fur, and appeared as if she had morphed right into a tiny wolf.

fever coat kitten

Her coat morphed right into a greyish colorationJin’s Bottle Babies

Over the following few weeks, Peggy and her siblings continued to make wholesome good points and reached one milestone after one other. Their fur coloration progressively turned darker.

Despite having simply three paws, Peggy held her personal every time she performed along with her siblings.

fever coat kitten

Peggy carrying her milk-stache after feedingJin’s Bottle Babies

She was a bona-fide mischief-maker and had loads of tips up her sleeves. Being the runt did not faze her, as she at all times tried to outrun her siblings and even the resident cats.

Watch Peggy the kitten on this cute video:

Peggy the kitten


Peggy was residing on three paw (with a peg leg) till she wanted to endure an amputation surgical procedure to make sure the very best quality of life.

kittens litter

Peggy (left) and her siblingsJin’s Bottle Babies

“She came home from surgery as if business was usual, and tried to run around a bit. She then took a long cat nap and woke up the next morning like she’d been a three legged kitty all her life, and was running around like a pro,” Shelbi shared with Love Meow.

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While Shelbi and her household have been engaged on residence reworking, Peggy would hop as much as them and attempt to supply a serving to paw.

salt and pepper fur

Peggy’s fur turned darker as she grew largerJin’s Bottle Babies

“She would walk right up to me while I was hammering things or using loud tools to make sure I was doing it right, or to lay in my lap to make sure I took a break,” Shelbi advised Love Meow. “Having her around made the craziness of the past three months so fun, special and sweet.”

When all of her siblings went to their ceaselessly houses, Peggy was nonetheless eagerly awaiting the appropriate household to return discover her.

Peggy the 3-legged surprise kittenJin’s Bottle Babies

A couple of days in the past, Peggy lastly had her dream come true. “It makes me so happy that she is in a home with people who are so receptive and caring,” Shelbi shared with Love Meow.

“She has three other cat siblings, one of whom is just one year old, and two dog siblings, and a house full of amazing humans. There will always be a human there to let her snuggle in their laps.”

Jin’s Bottle Babies

It’s been an unbelievable journey from being discovered exterior all tangled as much as being cherished and spoiled at their ceaselessly houses.

Peggy has blossomed into a stunning panther kitty, carrying her stunning fluffy coat with sprinkles of gray, dazzling underneath the solar.

Jin’s Bottle Babies

“Her life has been anything but normal with us from the very beginning, but she’s purred and swished her cute little tail through it all,” Shelbi mentioned.

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“As much as I loved Peggy, the biggest and most rewarding paycheck for all the hard work is sending her off to a home like hers.”

Jin’s Bottle Babies

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