The Bengal cat will be thought-about as some of the distinctive breeds of cats that you will discover on the market on the earth. For the third yr in a row, the Bengal cat is the world’s hottest feline breed, in keeping with The International Cat Association — the most important feline genetic registry worldwide — These cats are born via crossing of Asian Leopard cats with home cats.

As a end result, they’re blessed with an attention grabbing look. The Bengal cats are a lot totally different when in comparison with different breeds of cats. Therefore, it is crucial so that you can hold few details in your thoughts earlier than you get a one for your loved ones.

The Bengal cat remains to be thought-about a comparatively new breed of home cat. Many have heard of the breed and are curious relating to its traits and breeding, particularly as a result of Bengal cats should not low-cost cats to purchase. Despite its title, the Bengal cat just isn’t a tiger. Nor is it a leopard—mini or in any other case.

It’s a home cat. For a “Pet” Bengal… You can count on to spend wherever from $1000-$2000 for a top quality bred kitten from a very good respected breeder.

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There are kittens for much less. You often get what you pay for. There is a spread of costs with breeders and their kittens. Breeder kittens can be extra and worth is often based mostly on markings and coloration.

Most folks appear to choose the larger markings or rosettes. Breeding Bengal kittens is difficult, stress full, costly, but rewarding.

Any breeding is a real ardour and love… otherwise you wouldn’t do the work. You by no means get a break day.

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Animals are demanding and want fixed consideration. They rely and depend on you for on a regular basis meals, water and care.

breeder won’t permit their kittens to depart earlier than 13 weeks previous. The kittens must be wormed, vaccinated, FIV examined together with a vet verify and TICA registered. A contract and well being assure must also comes with buying a kitten.

Here is an inventory of a few of the most vital details out of them.

1. Pelt-like Coats

The Bengal’s pelt-like coat can be fairly totally different to the contact as a result of it feels extra silk-like and plush. It additionally has fairly a sheen to it which is magnificently captured when these smooth cats lie or stroll in daylight. It’s when their coats actually glisten and when their markings are essentially the most placing.

The fantastic thing about their pelt-like coat is that’s requires little or no to no brushing as a result of Bengals handle themselves by licking their fur in shorter and fewer frequent self-grooming classes.

Because there’s much less dried saliva left on their coasts, there tends to be far much less dander floating round within the air which makes life lots simpler for anybody who has an allergy to cats.

2. Coat Colors


No matter the colour or sample, the Bengal cat is understood for its fantastic outgoing persona. They are fearless and like to play! Their curious nature makes the Bengal the right pet for kids and their adaptable nature makes them match simply in to houses the place resident pets already dwell.

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There is a excessive diploma of variance in shade depth inside the Bengal breed. No two Bengal’s are the identical.

The conventional brown coloured Bengals have inexperienced or gold eyes and are by no means to have blue eyes. Other colours embody Snow, Sepia, Silver, Marble, Blue and Black or Melanistic. Other colours embody variations resembling blue and charcoal.

3. Bengals Tend To Be Fairly High Maintenance


Bengals do as a rule are typically demanding and pretty excessive upkeep cats. They typically bond strongly with their households and will be very demanding of their time and a focus, which is simply what many individuals want-but after all, this isn’t for everybody, and may drive some homeowners mad! If you don’t have time to commit to a Bengal every single day,then it will not be the cat for you.

Owning a Bengal can in some ways be extra like proudly owning a canine than a cat, as they’ll typically comply with you round the home, yell for consideration and wish to become involved in every little thing that you’re doing-and they very a lot dislike being ignored!

4. They Can Be Noisy


Before you welcome a Bengal cat to your loved ones, it is best to understand that they’ll get noisy at occasions. They will be extraordinarily vocal as effectively. If you’re prepared to bear the noise of those cats, you possibly can go for a one with out preserving any doubts in your thoughts.

5. They Are Very Energetic

The Bengal may be very athletic breed of cat, which tends to be very energetic and energetic. They do sleep simply as a lot as every other cat will, however when they don’t seem to be asleep, they’re apt to be tearing round or demanding that you just discover them one thing to do.

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They are going to climb and or soar wherever and in all places they wish to go, together with counter tops and kitchen cupboards. They will get into EVERYTHING.

This signifies that you may end up woken up in the course of the evening by your Bengal leaping on you to demand consideration, or racing round the home chasing imaginary prey!

Owning a Bengal can actually enliven your own home, so make it possible for that is what you need out of your new pet and that you’re not biting off greater than you possibly can chew!

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I Have all the time had a deep love and devotion to animals. Married to my husband Steve Burdine for over 35 years. Started out breeding Border Collies and Australian Shepherds in 1987… The bengal cat caught my eye.

We added them to our Program within the spring of 2007 and haven’t regarded again. We breed high quality Bengals which might be wanted world wide. We are Licensed with the Minnesota Board of Animal Health and inspected yearly.

When I’m not working with the cats full time… I work my second full time job as an Engineering Supervisor at WCCO-TV in Down Town Minneapolis.

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