8+ Types of Siamese Cats: The Ultimate Guide

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There’s no disputing that Siamese cats are one of the well-known and distinctive cat breeds. However, until you’re a cat fanatic or have a comfortable spot for Siamese, you most likely don’t notice that there are such a lot of various kinds of Siamese cats. After all, most individuals are acquainted with the Siamese stereotype – a extremely vocal cat with a darkish face and tail and darkish ears and toes.

When you image a Siamese cat, you would possibly concentrate on different attribute options like outsized ears, an angular face, or a crooked tail. But there’s quite a lot of variation in look among the many Siamese cat breed. They are categorized into differing kinds, subtypes, and coloration patterns. So, what are the various kinds of Siamese cats?

Traditional vs. Modern

When contemplating forms of Siamese cats, there are two broad teams.

The first is known as Traditional. As the title suggests, cats inside this class retain historic options of the breed and are extra in keeping with their unique look.

The second class is Modern. Cats from this group have been bred to advertise new bodily traits and visually interesting colours. Each of those two forms of Siamese cats will be cut up additional into subtypes and colours.

#1 Traditional Siamese

Originally, Siamese cats have been from Thailand, which on the time was generally known as Siam. Traditional Siamese cats retain extra of their native bodily traits and infrequently seem cross-eyed and have crooked tails.

In basic, Traditional Siamese have a extra rounded head form and a stockier construct than the elegantly angular Modern sorts. The three subtypes of Traditional Siamese are Applehead, Old Style, and Classic.

Each has endearing options which may make them your purr-fect pet.

#2 Applehead Siamese

If you hadn’t guessed, Applehead Siamese get their title from their rounded, apple-shaped head! They’re a lot quieter than different forms of Siamese, so if you happen to don’t fancy a puss who always alerts you to their presence, this is perhaps the cat for you!

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Appleheads are typically comparatively calm and fewer lively than the others, making them a fantastic companion for chilling round the home. As for look, they won’t be slinky and stylish, like their Modern counterparts, however their fluffy coat and powerful, muscular construct means there’s extra to like!

Their darkish brown factors and fawn-colored fur distinction completely with their large blue eyes, even when they’re a bit cross-eyed. Rather than the big, outstanding ears of some Modern Siamese, the Applehead has smaller ears, so they’re much extra in proportion. And it’s not simply their ears which can be smaller; additionally they have shorter tails when in comparison with the opposite Traditional breeds.

#3 Old Style

If vocal and interactive are what you’re searching for in a cat, the Old Style Siamese is perhaps a fantastic selection. They’re a lot louder than the Applehead and make distinctive noises that solely the mom (or father) of a Siamese may love! They are a contented medium between the rounded Traditional Applehead and the extraordinarily angular Modern Wedgie Siamese when it comes to look.

Their massive nostril elongates their face, giving a extra swish silhouette than the rounder-headed sorts. Their our bodies are additionally barely longer and leaner. Old Style Siamese have massive, outstanding ears and placing almond-shaped eyes which can be extra clearly crossed than the opposite Traditional sorts.

#4 Classic

This sort of Siamese is vocal, curious, and domineering – traits which can be frequent within the Siamese breed. Classic Siamese have a protracted physique with an athletic construct. Their spherical head, massive ears, and lengthy tail assist them stand out from the opposite forms of Siamese.

Unlike the opposite Traditional sorts, they don’t have a dip of their nostril, making them simply identifiable. Their eyes are much less crossed than the previous model however nonetheless almond-shaped.

#5 Colors Of Traditional Siamese

While Siamese cats, usually, can have quite a lot of colorings, Traditional Siamese cats all the time have gentle fur with dark-colored factors. These dark-colored factors embody their face, ears, tail, and paws.

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In different Siamese cats with darkish extremities (factors), the factors will be of assorted colours, together with blue, seal, and purple. However, Traditional Siamese all the time have seal factors.

#6 Modern Siamese

In phrases of bodily look and persona, the Modern Siamese breed is a extra excessive model of the Traditional Siamese, fueled by changing into a “fashionable” pet. Demand for Siamese cats with the precise “look” elevated dramatically throughout the Nineteen Sixties and continued to surge till the Eighties.

Their personalities are nonetheless true to the Siamese breed, however they’re much more chatty, so that you’ll always remember they’re there! Their ears and noses are extra outstanding, and their faces extra angular and elongated.

Similarly, their our bodies are longer and leaner, and so they have lengthy tails too. There are additionally extra coloration varieties, together with lilac, blue, chocolate, and purple. Sadly, selective breeding doesn’t simply create the right mixture of optimistic traits; it could possibly additionally result in elevated well being points.

Therefore, Modern Siamese cats will be extra susceptible to kidney points, together with Polycystic Kidney Disease. The three subtypes of Modern Siamese are Wedgies, Dark-Colored Point, and Light-Colored Point.

#7 Wedgies

The most excessive instance of a Modern Siamese is the Wedgie. They are so named due to their wedge-shaped head, giving them pointy options.

The mixture of big ears and a big, lengthy nostril turns their face into an ideal triangle or arrow form. Their eyes are a flattened almond form and are barely slanted inwards however are nonetheless a piercing shade of blue. Their our bodies are slender, with lengthy, skinny legs, giving them a smooth and swish look.

#8 Dark-Colored Point

The darkish coloration kinds of Dark-Colored Point Siamese are seal, blue, and purple. Seal factors are gentle coated with very darkish brown factors, that are nearly black. Blue factors are gentle furred with darkish grey extremities, which look blue in sure lighting and complement their eyes fantastically. Red factors are hardly ever seen, and they’re gentle coated with orange ears, faces, legs, and tails.

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#9 Light-Colored Point

The gentle coloration kinds of Light-Colored Point Siamese are lilac, chocolate, and cream. Lilac factors are inclined to have tones of grey, pink, and purple on their extremities, whereas cream factors have very delicate beige, noticed tones that may darken over time. Chocolate factors are to not be confused with seal factors, because the seal is a a lot darker brown.

Frequently Asked Question

How many sorts of Siamese cats are there?

There are two broad classes of Siamese cats: Traditional and Modern. Traditional Siamese will be subdivided into Applehead, Old Style, and Classic, and Modern Siamese breeds are made up of Wedgies, Light-Colored, and Dark-Colored factors. So, there are eight forms of Siamese cats, however that’s not accounting for the colour variations!

How can I inform what sort of Siamese cat I’ve?

By wanting on the general construct of your Siamese cat, you must be capable to work out whether or not they’re Traditional or Modern Siamese. Traditional cats are heavier constructed, with extra rounded faces and crossed eyes. In distinction, Modern Siamese are typically lighter and slender, with a extra excessive bodily look. Depending in your cat’s bodily look, together with their facial options, face form, and coloration, you must be capable to determine their sort.

What is the rarest Siamese cat?

One of the rarest forms of Siamese cats is the Red Point, a Dark-Colored Point, Modern Siamese.

So, out of all of the forms of Siamese cats, which one is one of the best?

The greatest Siamese cat for you’ll rely in your life-style and what you need out of your feline pal. If you like the Siamese “look,” then you definitely would possibly need to contemplate a Traditional Old Style or a Wedgie Siamese.

On the opposite hand, if you happen to want a extra rounded, softer look, the Traditional Applehead or Classic Siamese may very well be an excellent match. Remember, although, Siamese cats are very vocal as a breed, so if you happen to take pleasure in peace and quiet, you would possibly need to attempt the Applehead… or search for a unique breed!


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