A brown kitten and her sister showered everybody with hugs day in and time out, till they discovered their eternally residence.

Izzy the kittenMelissa Lucas

A month earlier than fall, Melissa and Tyler Lucas obtained a pair of kittens from their animal shelter, who wanted a foster residence and loads of TLC.

The kittens, Ida (black) and Isabella aka Izzy (brown), are sisters and got here as an inseparable duo. “They were brought to the shelter when their mom was unable to care for the litter,” Melissa shared with Love Meow.

“Ida is feisty and always a few days ahead, developmentally. Izzy is the fluffy, snuggly one who is more than happy to do nothing other than sleep and eat.”

sister kittens, snuggles

Ida and IzzyMelissa Lucas

The kittens melted into their individuals every time they have been held. Izzy, specifically, was very snuggly–she would shut her eyes and go to sleep in a matter of seconds of their arms.

A number of days into their foster journey, the feline sisters become full-fledged cuddle-bugs.

kitten naps

Izzy likes to sleepMelissa Lucas

Izzy wanted help to eat when she was nonetheless on the bottle. She was very grateful to be catered to and would conk out on her foster mother or father after feedings.

It took the kittens a number of extra tries and a bit longer to start out weaning, however when Ida obtained the cling of it, Izzy quickly adopted go well with.

sleepy brown kitten

Izzy fell asleep in her foster dad’s palmsMelissa Lucas

After operating round, enjoying to their coronary heart’s content material, the 2 sisters would settle in for a nap with their foster household.

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“Izzy needed a bit of snuggle time before she was able to settle down. She’s a crazy one, but she snuggles with the same level of enthusiasm that she does everything else.”

cuddle bug, brown kitten

She particularly enjoys snuggling along with her individualsMelissa Lucas

“These girls are obsessed with their people. If a human is close enough to climb, wrestle, kiss, or snuggle, you better believe both Ida and Izzy will (often literally) jump on the opportunity,” Melissa wrote.

“This makes it very difficult to be productive around them, but also makes for some super adorable moments.”

lap kitten

Ida has a pair of massive, vivid eyesMelissa Lucas

When Izzy set her thoughts to do one thing, she was quite decided and would not take no for a solution. The little ball of fur did not hesitate to hop on the again of the resident canine, JD, for a fast bear hug.

If she was drained and prepared for bedtime, she turned to her foster mother and demanded her quick consideration.

Izzy calls for consideration and hugs within the backgroundMelissa Lucas

“She sat on the back of the couch screaming at me nonstop. I’d pick her up and she’d fall asleep in 2.75 seconds. I’d put her on Ty’s lap, she’d wake up, hop to the back of the couch, and start screaming at me again.”

Melissa gave in to the little princess and sat down on the sofa along with her. Within a minute, Izzy drifted off to a deep slumber. “These girls are pretty needy, but Izzy especially so.”

cuddly kitten, brown cat

She all the time will get what she desiresMelissa Lucas

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After ten weeks of care, loads of cuddles day in and time out, the 2 sisters have been able to unfold their wings and fly.

“It took a while to get these little ladies settled. They certainly figured things out at their own pace, especially Izzy. But we got there, I’m super proud of them, and I’m so excited for whatever their next chapter may bring,” Melissa wrote.

kittens snuggling

Ida and Izzy cuddle festMelissa Lucas

“Saying goodbye is bittersweet, for sure. Ten weeks of thinking of them first, ten weeks of extra work to care for them, and at least a month of eight extra feet running around our crazy little zoo.”

sleepy kittens

So sleepyMelissa Lucas

As it turned out, Melissa’s associates additionally fell head over heels for the ladies and adopted them by way of the shelter.

The couple will get to see updates on their proud graduates whereas they proceed fostering and serving to different kitties in want.

black and brown kittens

Happy and belovedMelissa Lucas

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