A cat got here proper over to a lone kitten, took him by the paw and commenced to boost him alongside along with her personal.

Bib the cat mother and her adopted kitten PlutoDorset Rescue Kittens

A kitten named Pluto was introduced in to Dorset Rescue Kittens after his mother fell sick and stopped caring for him and his siblings. Pluto was the one survivor of his litter and confirmed unimaginable battle in such a tiny physique.

“He was critical when we got him. He hadn’t fed from his mom in at least 24 hours, likely longer,” Cailey Seymour, the founding father of Dorset Rescue Kittens, instructed Love Meow.

“He had to be placed in an incubator with oxygen support and slowly rewarmed and rehydrated before we could feed him anything.”

Pluto was given meals and cared for each hour for the primary night time. He ultimately acquired his energy again and perked up.

orphan kitten

PlutoDorset Rescue Kittens

“We didn’t know if he was going to make it and were preparing ourselves for the worst, considering none of his siblings survived,” Cailey shared with Love Meow. “It took about five days before we felt he was on the road to recovery. He started gaining weight and eating really well.”

Baby Pluto grew to become shiny and alert, and began transferring his legs round, making an attempt to play. Despite getting fixed consideration from his folks and having many snuggle toys to maintain him firm, one thing was lacking—Pluto actually missed having a mother and littermates.

palm-sized kitten

Dorset Rescue Kittens

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Per week after Pluto’s arrival, a feline household of six (a one-year-old cat named Bib and her 5 3-week-old kittens) got here into Cailey’s care after they have been rescued from outside life. Her kittens have been about the identical age as Pluto they usually all appeared alike.

“When we got mama Bib, I knew it would be a good move to see if she would accept Pluto,” Cailey instructed Love Meow.

Dorset Rescue Kittens

After adjusting to the brand new atmosphere, Bib got here out of her shell, grew extra comfy round her environment, and commenced to actually get pleasure from pets and snuggles from her people.

When it was time, Cailey wrapped child Pluto in a blanket, positioned him in entrance of momma Bib, whereas she anxiously waited for her response. Without hesitation, Bib got here proper over to the lone kitten and began tending to him.

cat adopts kitten

She took to the lone kitten instantly and began caring for himDorset Rescue Kittens

“She didn’t even second guess it. She started grooming him and nuzzling him towards her own babies as though she knew he needed her. She has been so accepting of him—it made me cry,” Cailey instructed Love Meow.

Watch Pluto and Momma Bib on this cute video:

Bib the cat and Pluto the kitten


Baby Pluto immediately took to his new mother and melted into her arms.

Pluto nuzzled as much as Bib for some much-needed motherly loveDorset Rescue Kittens

“We put him in with the other babies so that he stays warm and can play with them. We are still supplementing him with kitten milk replacement as that is what he is used to, but it is so beautiful to see him with a family.”

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Pluto remains to be a bottle kitten however he completely enjoys being snuggled by his siblings and doting mother.

cat and kittens

Pluto is so pleased to snuggle together with his new siblingsDorset Rescue Kittens

Momma Bib by no means questioned a factor when she first met Pluto, and has been cleansing and snuggling with him much more so than her personal kittens.

“She usually cuddles him while her babies nurse,” Cailey shared.

cat hugs kitten

Momma Bib is cuddling with Pluto whereas her personal kittens are nursing awayDorset Rescue Kittens

“Nothing compares to the care a mama cat can provide or the socialization a kitten gets when raised with kitten siblings,” Cailey shared with Love Meow.

“Pluto is already playing with them and talking to mama as though he has known her his entire life.”

cat mom and kitten

Momma Bib and PlutoDorset Rescue Kittens

“We will continue to bottle feed Pluto as needed and keep a close eye on him, but for now, I can put away his stuffies and heating pad, because he has been granted the privilege of mama cuddles and kitten snuggles.”

cat and kittens

One massive pleased householdDorset Rescue Kittens

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