Do German Shepherds Get Along With Cats?

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German Shepherd canines and cats completely can get alongside however they aren’t assured to take action

There are a number of components which will affect the connection between a German Shepherd and a cat. Personalities, timing, coaching, and socialization will all be components if these two animals are going to get alongside.

German Shepherds are identified to not get together with cats just because they’re working canines. These canines are clever, extremely trainable, and extremely social however identical to every other canine, they’ll co-exist in a house with a cat.

Are German Shepherds good with cats? If socialized and skilled correctly, your pets can reside peacefully collectively.

The German Shepherd Personality

It is necessary to grasp the German Shepherd’s temperament. Here are some things to bear in mind about this breed’s persona.

German shepherds are herding canines and operating round is of their blood, in addition to herding. It is necessary to contemplate this pure tendency when instructing our German shepherds to get together with cats.

German Shepherds are wickedly sensible and are constantly ranked as one of many smartest canine breeds. This means correct coaching is important for them to get together with cats or different animals.

German shepherds are loyal and need to please theirs owns when handled effectively. They are identified to reply shortly and fortunately to any coaching. However, this breed is thought for being protecting, particularly in terms of the those who they love.

The Cat Personality

Now let’s check out the persona of a cat. Cats are typically much less intimidating than a German Shepherd, from an animal’s standpoint. Even in case your German Shepherd is loving and keen, your cat is probably not open to the friendship.

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Some cats will be fairly aloof, whereas others will be surprisingly affectionate. But, you probably have an impatient cat or one that isn’t affectionate, it may not get together with a canine. Dogs are typically extra bodily with their affection which might imply a cat could lose persistence if being licked or bothered.  But most cats received’t deliberately begin hassle with a German Shepherd or different giant animals.

Researchers have decided the 5 major persona traits of cats, that are known as the Feline Five. The 5 embrace neuroticism, extraversion, dominance, impulsiveness, and agreeableness.

The reality is, any canine’s means to get together with cats has nothing to do with their breed

What You Need to Consider Before Making Introductions

Here are some things it’s best to take into account earlier than getting a cat, particularly if you have already got an grownup German Shepherd.

A German shepherd who has a excessive prey drive or has been bred and labored as a herding canine will likely be a little bit bit tougher to influence in befriending a cat. It is extra doubtless the canine will chase the cat till exhausted. Your German Shepherd sees a furry transferring creature, which tells them to chase it and assault it. This is as a result of it’s a searching breed and their territory just isn’t one thing they take frivolously. They need to shield their territory towards international entities.

It is necessary you have got management over your German Shepherd for the connection together with your cat to work. Meaning, the canine should be capable to hearken to instructions.

Start coaching your German Shepherd to be comfy with cats when he’s nonetheless a pet or as quickly as potential. The classes that your canine learns in the course of the early months of life will change into second nature and that is true for each canines and cats.

Many German Shepherds can get alongside wonderful with a cat with correct socialization and coaching

Making the Introduction

Scent Swapping

The first step in introducing your German Shepherd and cat must be swapping one another’s scent. Both canines and cats rely closely on scent so will be capable to collect details about one another by sniffing and getting used to one another’s scents. This will be completed by rubbing the canine with a material then putting it into the cat’s space, and vice versa.

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The scented merchandise shouldn’t be positioned within the cats mattress or consolation zones, in case it causes nervousness and prevents the cat from accessing what it wants. Scent swapping will be repeated over a number of days, by rubbing one another’s scents onto the opposite’s gadgets or areas, so long as they seem to not really feel pressured. Scent-swapping will normally happen naturally because the proprietor strikes round every pets area, carrying the odor of the opposite on palms, and clothes.


When each animals seem and calm, then it might be time to maneuver onto to permitting every to analyze the opposite’s areas exterior of their very own area. Once they return into their very own area, the canine will be allowed to analyze the place the cat has been exploring. As issues progress and the newer pet seems comfy to analyze additional, take away the opposite pet for some time.

Visual contact

Small quantities of restricted visible contact must be completed. This ought to occur when each animals are calm, and with each in a position to escape and neither will be trapped or have entry blocked.

Meaning neither must be confined or restricted. There should be light, force-free restraint of the canine, like with a well-fitting physique harness and hook up with a unfastened lead whereas the cat is free to retreat to hiding locations to entry close by.

Supervise the pets always and be continually vigilant for any outward indicators of emotional stress reminiscent of concern or pleasure, in addition to modifications in physique language or posture. As they get used to one another, present loads of rewards. Slowly interact much less and permit the animals to be current with one another.

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Actual contact

There will come a time when the cat and canine have smelled, heard and seen one another for lengthy sufficient to be acquainted. It’s now time for them to face on their very own and share area comfortably. This ought to solely occur when it’s extremely doubtless that they are going to be wonderful collectively.

Introductions ought to at all times be supervised actively and distractions must be in place when wanted. You can use meals or toy as lures to create area between the animals if wanted by luring one away from the opposite if any pressure happens.

How to Make Puppy/Kitten Introductions

The first step is to feed the 2 animals in shut proximity to one another. But it’s best to place your pet on one aspect of a closed door and your kitten on the opposite. Most doubtless the 2 animals won’t be comfy seeing one another but, however they may be capable to decide up one another’s scent.

Do not introduce the 2 animals till your pet is ready to observe instructions like sit, keep and cease. When your pet is ready to obey, take a look at out a 5-minute assembly by putting your pet in its kennel and let the kitten go to from exterior. Gradually improve the period of time that the animals are collectively till you attain half-hour over the subsequent week or so.

Final Thoughts

German Shepherd and cats can get alongside effectively. In most instances, your canine and cat can reside fortunately collectively whenever you observe the directions listed above. If they nonetheless don’t get alongside, you possibly can nonetheless have enjoyable together with your pets individually however this may take extra work in your half.


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