Hypertension, or hypertension, is a vital well being concern in older cats. High blood stress in cats often happens secondary to an underlying illness, similar to kidney illness or hyperthyroidism, and it will probably result in issues like organ injury or lack of imaginative and prescient.

Here, we’ll focus on how hypertension impacts a cat’s physique, which signs to observe for, and find out how to handle the situation.

What Is High Blood Pressure in Cats?

Blood stress is the quantity of stress or power exerted by blood inside veins and arteries, measured in a unit known as mmHg (millimetres of mercury).

This stress is impacted by the guts’s fee and capability for pumping blood, in addition to by blood vessel diameter (which has some capacity to develop and contract). Additionally, there’s a advanced suggestions loop that regulates blood stress all through the entire physique, or “systemic” blood stress.

Your cat’s blood stress is influenced by the guts and blood vessels. A posh suggestions loop regulates blood stress all through your complete physique.

Like people, blood stress measurement in cats can embody systolic stress (when the guts contracts to pump blood) and diastolic stress (throughout the resting or refilling section of the guts’s beat). But whereas a mean wholesome blood stress in people is 120/80 (systolic/diastolic), these numbers run a bit of increased for cats.

The systolic measurement is an important worth veterinarians use to display for systemic hypertension.

In cats, here’s what systolic blood stress readings can imply:

  • <140 mmHg = Normal.
  • 140-159 mmHg = Possible early hypertension, extra frequent monitoring could also be wanted.
  • 160-179 mmHg = Hypertension, trigger for concern.
  • >180 mmHg = Hypertension, extreme danger.

If diastolic stress is measured, something over 90 mmHg is taken into account irregular.

Causes Of Hypertension In Cats

Causes of hypertension or hypertension in cats are divided into three classes: situational or short-term, idiopathic, or secondary hypertension.

Causes of hypertension are usually divided into three classes:

  • Situational or short-term hypertension. This is when a cat’s blood stress turns into briefly elevated, often attributable to stress or ache. For instance, many completely wholesome cats have higher-than-normal blood stress readings attributable to “white coat syndrome,” or concern/stress from being at a veterinary hospital.

While often short-term, it’s doable that sustained stress over time could contribute to a extra severe blood stress drawback.

  • Idiopathic or main hypertension. This implies that no underlying reason for hypertension was found. While that is typical in people, it’s not widespread in cats.
  • Secondary hypertension. This is by far the commonest kind of sustained blood stress elevation in cats. Common causes embody…
    • Chronic kidney illness or kidney failure.
    • Hyperthyroidism (an overproduction of thyroid hormone, often attributable to a benign tumor of the thyroid gland).
    • Certain kinds of coronary heart illness.
    • Taking sure drugs or ingesting sure toxins.
    • Less generally, diabetes mellitus or uncommon illnesses like pheochromocytoma (a sort of adrenal gland tumor).
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Hypertension can have an effect on any breed or gender of cat. Age performs a task, since older cats are far more vulnerable than youthful cats—which is why many vets start routine screenings for hypertension in senior cats.

Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure In Cats

High blood stress causes all kinds of signs, together with behavioral adjustments like lethargy, restlessness, and grumpiness.

The greatest well being concern with hypertension is organ injury. In specific, 4 components of the physique are most vulnerable to harm in hypertensive cats: the mind, coronary heart, kidneys, and eyes.

Damage to those organs is known as goal organ injury (TOD). Avoiding TOD is a key part of blood stress remedy.

Symptoms of hypertension in cats are sometimes associated to TOD and/or to the underlying reason for hypertension.

Clinical indicators could embody:

  • Changes in temper or conduct, similar to lethargy, restlessness, or grumpiness.
  • New or uncommon vocalization, particularly at night time.
  • Urinating or consuming extra.
  • Vomiting
  • Increased or decreased urge for food.
  • Weight loss.
  • Weakness or fainting.
  • Nose bleeds.
  • A coronary heart murmur.
  • Neurological signs similar to seizures, wobbly strolling, a head tilt, or uncommon eye actions.
  • Sudden blindness attributable to retinal detachment. When this occurs, a cat could stumble upon furnishings or different objects, or have dilated pupils that gained’t constrict.

Your cat most likely gained’t present all of those signs—as a substitute, they might simply have one or two.

It’s additionally doable for a cat to haven’t any apparent signs, particularly within the early levels of hypertension.

Diagnosis Of Feline Hypertension

It is feasible to measure blood stress in cats.

The commonest methodology includes utilizing a blood stress cuff with both a Doppler (which detects sound within the blood vessel) or oscillometry methodology (which detects motion within the blood vessel). In both case, the blood stress cuff—just like the one your physician or nurse would use for you, however a lot smaller—is positioned on a limb or on the bottom of a cat’s tail.

Minimizing your cat’s stress helps with acquiring essentially the most correct measurement doable. Your vet staff will take a number of measures to do that, together with scheduling for a quiet time of the day (to keep away from barking canines, and many others.), permitting your cat time to acclimate to the room, and utilizing pheromone merchandise or different strategies to scale back stress. Also, your vet will preserve your cat’s stress stage in thoughts when deciphering the outcomes.

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Checking your cat’s blood stress over time will help decide what’s regular in your particular person cat.

Blood stress checks could also be included as a part of a routine well being checkup, particularly for cats over 10 years of age. Other occasions, hypertension is found attributable to a situation like kidney illness, which raises a vet’s suspicion and alerts them to search for hypertension.

Conversely, the invention of hypertension could immediate a vet to search for kidney illness or one other underlying trigger. This could require bloodwork, a urine evaluation, radiographs, or different diagnostic exams, the place any abnormalities will help a vet work out what’s inflicting the hypertension.

Treatment of High Blood Pressure

While drugs will help to scale back your cat’s blood stress, treating the underlying situation can eradicate the issue with out want for blood stress treatment.

Treatment consists of two elements: treating the underlying trigger, and treating the hypertension immediately to forestall goal organ injury.

The excellent news is, typically treating the underlying trigger may also deal with the hypertension—eliminating the necessity for blood stress drugs.

However, some cats will want lifelong drugs for hypertension.

Either manner, a cat might have blood stress treatment within the short-term to forestall organ injury, till the underlying trigger is beneath management. That’s very true throughout an emergency like sudden blindness, when hypertension have to be managed instantly to provide a cat their finest probability of seeing once more.


Medications for underlying medical causes like kidney illness or hyperthyroidism range. Some underlying causes are curable, whereas others require lifelong administration.

To deal with hypertension immediately, widespread drugs embody calcium-channel blockers (amlodipine) and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (benazepril and enalapril). Both of those drugs work by stress-free the sleek muscle mass of the blood vessels and dilating them to alleviate stress. There are different kinds of drugs on the market, too, however these are the commonest.

Follow your vet’s directions precisely, and monitor for any unintended effects, similar to decreased urge for food, abdomen upset, drowsiness, or signs of low blood stress (wobbly strolling, fainting, collapse, or weak spot).

Long-term blood stress checks are additionally a key a part of remedy.

There’s no commonplace treatment dose that works for all cats, and a cat’s dosage wants could change over time. So it’s vital to observe up as your vet recommends to make sure the medication is working in your cat.

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The first recheck shall be quickly after beginning treatment (often inside 7 days). Then rechecks will turn into much less frequent as your cat’s blood stress stabilizes.

Diet for High Blood Pressure in Cats

There isn’t any particular weight loss plan for hypertension. Instead, weight loss plan is often addressed on the underlying trigger, similar to kidney illness or hyperthyroidism.

In normal, it could be finest to keep away from extreme sodium consumption. But it’s finest to ask your vet for a person suggestion.

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Hypertension in and of itself shouldn’t be deadly, assuming it’s addressed in a well timed trend and well-managed over the long-term.

However, the injury to vital organs attributable to hypertension may be deadly. Organ injury could also be everlasting if remedy is delayed, and uncontrolled hypertension can result in kidney or coronary heart failure and even to a stroke.

Prognosis additionally will depend on the underlying reason for hypertension. Some circumstances may be cured, permitting a cat to stay a traditional life. Some underlying illnesses are deadly, however some may be managed for an excellent high quality of life for months and even years.


High blood stress is a comparatively widespread situation in older cats that often happens secondary to a different well being drawback like kidney illness or hyperthyroidism. It’s vital to deal with hypertension, since it will probably trigger injury to the mind, eyes, kidneys, and coronary heart. Routine blood stress screenings could also be beneficial for cats over 10 years of age.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of hypertension in cats?

Common signs related to hypertension embody conduct or temper adjustments, uncommon vocalization and restlessness, urinating or consuming extra, adjustments to urge for food or weight, weak spot, neurological signs, and sudden blindness. Some cats won’t present any signs within the early levels.

What causes hypertension in cats?

Most generally, sustained hypertension happens secondary to a different situation, similar to continual kidney illness or hyperthyroidism. Stress or ache could trigger a brief blood stress elevation.

How can I decrease my cat’s blood stress?

Treatment for hypertension includes working along with your vet to deal with the underlying trigger, and presumably giving anti-hypertensive drugs.

What ought to a cat’s blood stress be?

A cat’s systolic blood stress (the measurement whereas the guts contracts) ought to be under 140-150 mmHg. Anything above 160 mmHg is a priority, and something over 180 mmHg carries a excessive danger of organ injury.


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