Worms are widespread inside parasites of cats, and common year-round deworming is a vital a part of good cat well being care. The goal of this text is to clarify the background to worms, and to provide details about how cat carers ought to deworm their pets successfully

Types Of Worms In Cats

There are various worms that may infect cats, and to some extent, there are vital geographical variations within the prevalence of those completely different parasites.

The most typical worms reside within the cat’s digestive tract, often within the intestines.

Common intestinal parasites are listed under:

  • The most typical roundworms are Toxocara cati and Toxascaris leonina
  • Other widespread intestinal worms are Gnathostoma species, Physaloptera species, Strongyloides species, whipworms, and hookworms (Ancylostoma tubaeforme, Uncinaria stenocephala and different species).
  • The most typical tapeworms are Dipylidium caninum and Taenia taeniaeformis.
  • Other much less widespread tapeworms embody Diphylobothrium latum, Spirometra species, Diplopylidium species, Joyeuxiella species, and Echinococcus multilocularis
  • There can be a abdomen worm, known as Ollulanus tricuspis

In some elements of the world, there are worms that may infect different elements of the cat’s physique.

  • Heartworms (Dirofilaria immitiss)
  • Lungworms (Aelurostrongylus abstrusus and Capillaria species)
  • Eyeworms ( Thelazia callipaeda)

This might appear to be a frighteningly lengthy checklist of cat’s worms, and it’s necessary to do not forget that easy management measures are often sufficient to stop these creepy crawlies from harming your cat or your self.

How Do Cats Get Worms?

The life cycle of every particular worm is completely different, and vary from the widespread roundworm which kittens can decide up from their mom’s milk, to the widespread tapeworm which cats can decide up from ingestion of fleas from their coat, to different tapeworms which cats can decide up from prey (equivalent to small mammals, birds amphibians or reptiles) when searching. Infected cats can move worms on to different cats through worms or segments of their feces.

Symptoms Of Worms In Cats

Most cats with worms don’t present any indicators of sickness: a low degree of worms can exist with out inflicting any hurt. However, heavy worm burdens of intestinal parasites could cause an contaminated animal to undergo gastrointestinal upsets (vomiting and/or diarrhea), weight reduction, anemia, a boring coat, poor basic situation, and typically irritation across the anus.

Furthermore, some worms will be handed on to people, very not often inflicting critical sickness.
For these causes, it is smart to provide cats common anti-worm medicine, to stop issues.

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Diagnosis Of Worms

To make a selected, particular, analysis of worm infestation, a pattern of your cat’s feces will be collected out of your cat’s litter field and despatched to a laboratory to seek for worm eggs, larvae or grownup worms.

However, there may be an incidence of “false negatives” from fecal samples i.e. even when no indicators of worms are discovered, it’s nonetheless potential that your cat might have worms.

Pet house owners might perform their very own easy fecal examination by bodily analyzing their cat’s stool. They may even see grownup worms, or tapeworm segments (these resemble flattened grains of rice).

However roundworm eggs are microscopic and are unlikely to be seen to the bare eye.

For this cause, it’s often advisable that every one cats needs to be given routine worm doses, on a schedule all through their lives.

Deworming Your Cat

Even although indoor cats are much less prone to decide up worms, worming remains to be advisable (for instance, each three months).

Typically, grownup cats (over six months of age) needs to be handled for worms each 1-3 months utilizing a broad spectrum wormer (i.e. one that’s efficient towards each roundworms and tapeworms).

Indoor cats are much less prone to decide up worms, so much less frequent worming is advisable (eg each three months), whereas out of doors cats that hunt needs to be wormed extra continuously (e.g. each month).

Kittens and youthful cats (lower than six months of age) needs to be wormed extra usually, as roundworms are quite common in kittens (they decide them up from their mom’s milk, when suckling.

In basic, kittens needs to be handled for roundworms 2 weeks from 3 weeks of age till 8 weeks of age, then month-to-month to six months of age. A roundworm-specific wormer needs to be adequate as a result of tapeworms aren’t often an issue in kittens until they’ve fleas. If they do have fleas, a broad spectrum wormer needs to be used.

Types Of Dewormers

As talked about above, kittens may have solely roundworm therapies, whereas older cats have to have a wider vary of parasites included. It’s value having a dialog along with your native veterinarian to be taught what sort of worms should be managed in your personal space, on your particular pet.

A variety of worming medicine is accessible, with exact product availability various from nation to nation.

In basic, wormers are one in every of two sorts:

  • Products for particular worms e.g. roundworm, tapeworm, heartworm and many others
  • So-called broad spectrum merchandise, which deal with for a number of various kinds of worms in a single formulation (e.g. roundworms, tapeworms and heartworm)
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Some worming merchandise can be found over-the-counter in supermarkets and pet retailers, however these are typically the older kinds of medication that will not be as efficient or straightforward to make use of because the extra just lately developed merchandise which are sometimes offered solely as prescription medicines through restricted retailers equivalent to veterinary clinics.

The exact energetic elements are necessary, and there are too many of those to checklist comprehensively.

However the next are generally discovered:

  • Pyrantel pamoate is usually included to deal with roundworms and hookworms
  • Praziquantel could also be included with Pyrantel pamoate in a pill: that is extremely efficient towards tapeworms, so the mixture of the 2 is a broad-spectrum product.

Side results of deworming medicines are usually minimal.

What Formulations Of Wormer Are Available?

Deworming medicine will be given to cats in numerous methods.

  • Worm tablets are the standard methodology of cat deworming. These will be designed to be administered on to a cat or they might be palatable tablets, designed to be combined with the meals.
  • Wormer pastes to be given orally could also be out there.
  • Spot-on formulations (liquid in a plastic vial, to be utilized to the pores and skin on the again of the neck) at the moment are usually out there.
  • Injectable variations of some wormers (to be administered by your DVM veterinarian) could also be advisable in some conditions.

How To Deworm A Cat

  • If you’ll be able to give a pill to your cat your self, this may be probably the most direct methodology.
  • You can combine the wormer with some tasty meals.
  • You can use a spot-on product on the again of your cat’s neck.
  • A wormer will be given as an injection, out of your veterinarian.

What Wormer, Precisely, Is Best For My Kitten Or Cat?

The vet will recommend you the best remedy, primarily based on the kinds of worms widespread in your space.

It is all the time higher to hunt the recommendation of your vet throughout a routine wellness go to. They will know what kinds of worms are widespread in your space. They can even be capable to recommend the best, best and most secure wormers on your cat.

How To Prevent Worms In Cats

The finest method to forestall worms is to provide a daily worm dose, as advisable on your explicit cat, with their particular person way of life in your particular space. Broad suggestions on frequencies are listed above.

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Natural Home Remedies For Worms In Cats

Cat house owners needs to be cautious earlier than giving any dwelling treatments to cats: they are often particularly susceptible to toxicities and dangerous results from medicine which may be nicely tolerated in different species like canine and people. It’s finest to comply with your veterinarian’s recommendation when choosing worm therapies.

Commonly talked about merchandise equivalent to garlic, pumpkin seeds, sage, oregano or thyme, or homeopathic merchandise, don’t reliably kill worms, and can’t be advisable.


Worms are widespread parasites in cats, and a preventive strategy, with common use of broad spectrum wormers, is one of the best ways to keep away from issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best method to worm a cat?

The simplest way relies on your cat. If you’ll be able to give a pill to your cat your self, this may be easy. If your cat will not allow you to, then you’ll be able to attempt medicine combined with some tasty meals. If your cat refuses this, chances are you’ll want to use a spot-on product on the again of your cat’s neck. Finally, typically a wormer will be given as an injection, out of your veterinarian.

What can I give my cat to deworm?

There are completely different merchandise out there, as listed above. You can select an over-the-counter broad spectrum wormer, or chances are you’ll want to ask your veterinarian to recommend the best and best deworming product for a cat residing in your space.

What occurs in the event you don’t deworm a cat?

If cats aren’t dewormed, they’re vulnerable to choosing up heavy worm burdens that may make them unwell. There can be a small danger that they’ll carry worms which may be infectious to their human carriers.

How are you aware in case your cat must be dewormed?

If you see signs brought on by worms, or in the event you see proof of worms in your cat’s stools, then a worm dose must be given instantly. As a part of basic cat care, all cats needs to be dewormed routinely, no less than as soon as each three months, so {that a} worm infestation is rarely allowed to develop.


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