A tiny kitten was present in a field beneath a automotive and nuzzled his method into the arms of a doting cat.

The doting cat took the orphan kitten beneath her wingMagdalena Jaźwińska

A couple of days in the past, Magdalena Jaźwińska from Poland acquired a telephone name from the veterinary clinic that she works at, a couple of kitten needing assist.

“The staff know that I take care of orphan kittens, so they told me that a man had brought in two kittens in a carton box,” Magdalena advised Love Meow.

The field was noticed beneath a automobile proper subsequent to a wheel. The man heard the kittens crying and adopted the sound to their whereabouts earlier than it was too late.

orange kitten tiny

Mezo the kitten was present in a field beneath a automotiveMagdalena Jaźwińska

“If it weren’t because of their screaming inside the box, the man wouldn’t have found them before starting the car.”

The kittens have been very malnourished and underweight once they arrived on the clinic. Despite their finest efforts to save lots of them each, one of many kittens sadly did not make it. The remaining orange tabby held on with all his struggle.

“He was about three weeks old, but just the size of a 2-week-old kitten.”

palm-sized kitten

Magdalena Jaźwińska

The orange kitten named Mezo got here house with Magdalena, so he might obtain round the clock feedings, supportive care and all of the TLC he wanted to thrive. The little ball of fur cried nonstop and shortly caught the eye of the resident cat, Malaika.

The candy cat heard the kitten’s meows and got here operating. As a rescue herself, Malaika holds a tender spot for kittens in want.

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Magdalena Jaźwińska

After a number of sniffs round Mezo’s face and a delicate nudge on his nostril, she determined to take over the grooming and cuddling duties from that time on. She would wrap her arms round him and bathe him from head to tail.

“She loves all the orphan kittens but she picks her favorites, and Mezo is definitely her favorite of all. Every time, he wants to cuddle, she is right there to hug him.”

cat kitten hugs

He is so completely happy to be liked and cuddledMagdalena Jaźwińska

Mezo is over the moon to have a cat dote on him and let him nuzzle into her arms for consolation. He is showered with love and cuddles, and by no means alone throughout nap time.

Watch Mezo the kitten on this cute video:

Mezo the kitten


With correct care and loads of love, the kitten has made some good positive factors in only a few days, and even grown a wholesome, spherical stomach.

cat hugs kitten

The candy cat retains the kitten clear and nicely groomedMagdalena Jaźwińska

With extra power, Mezo is getting extra lively and beginning to use his legs to waddle and discover. His feline finest good friend isn’t distant, watching over him and retaining him protected and comforted.

cat cuddles kitten

She watches over him each step of the way in whichMagdalena Jaźwińska

Magdalena’s canine has additionally taken a liking to the kitten. Whenever the tabby cat wants a break, he’s more than pleased to return in and supply some licks and kisses to the little fluff ball.

“The kitten is doing very well. He loves purring and hugging, and likes to have his belly tickled,” Magdalena shared with Love Meow.

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cat and tiny kitten

Magdalena Jaźwińska

“I’m so glad that he was strong enough to cry out for help that day, so he could be found by the man, and live to tell the tale.”

Hugs and extra hugsMagdalena Jaźwińska

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