A kitten has overcome many obstacles since beginning, and reworked into a ravishing, pleased cat.

Amelia the kittenMurphys Safe Haven

A few kittens who had been born early, had been delivered to Murphy’s Safe Haven (in Texas) for a combating likelihood at life. They had been very small at two weeks outdated and wanted intensive care.

“Both kittens were very sick and given a 5% survival rate. The first kitten passed away a few days later. I was determined to save the last kitten,” Audrey W. of the rescue shared with Love Meow.

After many sleepless nights feeding and caring for the kitten, the pint-sized surprise started to placed on weight and achieve energy.

premature kitten

She was very tiny at two weeks outdatedMurphys Safe Haven

“As each day went by, this tiny kitten got stronger and stronger. She was soon given the name, Amelia,” Audrey added.

Amelia was born untimely and behind on her milestones. At seven weeks outdated, she was simply the dimensions of a 3-week-old kitten, and eventually began consuming from a dish by herself.

Amelia rolling round along with her elephant cuddle buddyMurphys Safe Haven

Every time she crossed a milestone, it was one thing that the entire household would rejoice for.

“She wasn’t supposed to live past 24-72 hours, so to see her live through another week was heartwarming to us,” Audrey shared with Love Meow.

sweet kitten

Patiently ready for her bottleMurphys Safe Haven

Audrey and her household had been in awe with Amelia’s resolve to stay a full life, because the kitten continued to exceed expectations.

“At 10 weeks old, she was the size of a 3-4 week old kitten when she should’ve been weighing in at least two pounds. Her growth was severely stunted but she was slowly getting there.”

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tiny calico kitten

She was very behind on her milestones however decided to get large and powerfulMurphys Safe Haven

Despite all of the efforts, the kitten nonetheless had just a few nagging well being points to iron out.

“It soon became obvious that she was not like other cats. After getting more tests done, it was found that Amelia is positive for feline calicivirus. The doctor said, it was a miracle that she was alive with all her past diagnosis.”

Murphys Safe Haven

When the kitten turned 12 weeks outdated she lastly joined the one pound membership, and made her individuals so proud. Through painstaking care and loads of love, Amelia was getting more healthy and extra mischievous day by day.

She was fearless and decided, and by no means let something cease her from loving life.

sweet kitten

Amelia lastly reached one pound at 12 weeks outdatedMurphys Safe Haven

Her persona shortly emerged—she would harness her new-found vitality to bounce round whereas demanding Audrey’s fixed consideration.

When she was not zipping round or wrestling with toys, Amelia would watch her human intently and attempt to sneak a cuddle, being the proper little companion.

She turned very playful and rambunctiousMurphys Safe Haven

“As each day went on we got more and more attached. I saw something in her that I’ve never seen before in any other cat,” Audrey shared.

feisty calico kitten

She adores her human Audrey and follows her all over the place she goesMurphys Safe Haven

After months of willpower to unravel her well being points, and arduous work to get her again in tip-top form, Amelia has made a terrific restoration and reworked into a ravishing calico princess.

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calico Persian cat

Amelia has became a stunning calico princessMurphys Safe Haven

She is 5 months outdated now and nonetheless very tiny, however has a mighty persona.

“It’s been an honor to watch her grow up into the beautiful kitten she’s become,” Audrey shared with Love Meow.

persian calico cat in dress

Murphys Safe Haven

“And I’m so excited to be able to watch her grow for many more years to come. Because Amelia has been adopted by us.”

calico princess cat

Murphys Safe Haven

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