A kitten born with frog-like legs made nice progress in only a few weeks. She is striving to reside on a regular basis to the fullest.

Cecelia the frog-legged kittenMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

A kitten with splayed out again legs was introduced into Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue (in North Carolina) for an opportunity at a greater life.

Her hind ft had been going through sideways, and he or she seemed to be in a frog-like posture. With a visit to the vet, they confirmed that the kitten was born with Swimmer Syndrome, a developmental abnormality.

“It is a congenital condition that causes the (kitten’s) legs to splay laterally,” Sarah Kelly, the founding father of Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue, shared.

frog legged kitten

She was born with Swimmer Syndrome the place her hind legs had been splayed outwardsMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

The situation impacts the ligaments within the joints of the legs, and “the kitten is left with unstable leg joints that aren’t able to correctly position themselves for adequate balance or mobility.”

Instead of the legs being positioned beneath the physique, they seem like a frog or breast stroke swimmer. The situation can typically be reversed with intervention.

grey kitten

Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue

Sarah lovingly named the kitten Cecelia (Ce-SEAL-ia) for her resemblance to just a little gray seal. Despite being very small, Cecelia already harnessed loads of sass and a giant squeaky voice.

“She is a heart of gold, a spirited little soul, and an absolutely adorable face,” Sarah mentioned.

She is all the time in good spirits and has rather a lot to sayMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

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The remedy plan was to provide the kitten intensive bodily remedy a number of instances a day and splinting her legs within the appropriate place—no matter would work finest for the kitten to achieve mobility.

“The goal is to strengthen and fuse the bones in the correct position with physiotherapy and splinting exercises.”

Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue

Cecelia was excited for any consideration she may get, and the time she spent together with her foster mother throughout bodily remedy. She put in further effort and gumption into shifting her legs in the proper course.

Watch Cecelia the kitten on this cute video:

Cecelia the kitten


While she was getting her every day train and remedy, Cecelia received some firm from different foster kittens to cheer her on.

Ruby the tuxedo instantly took a liking to the gray kitten.

kitten friends

Ruby and CeceliaMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

In simply a few weeks, Sarah observed a stark distinction in Cecelia’s hind legs being a lot straighter.

The kitten was in a position to stand and stroll on her hind paws, and her stability and coordination had improved as properly.

kitten transform legs

Transformation in simply a few weeksMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

“There has been lots of physical therapy and exercising to get to this point. This little girl is so much stronger, moving way better,” Sarah wrote.

The kitten has additionally found her penchant for cuddles, and enjoys nothing greater than snuggling on a heat lap, kneading away together with her paws.

Happy kittenMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

Cecelia has made unbelievable progress as she conquered her situation like a champ. She takes it in stride and walks on all 4 paws now with ease.

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grey kitten

Cecelia can now stand and stroll on her hind pawsMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

“This little girl loves laps and attention like no other. We are so excited for her and all her progress,” Sarah mentioned.

kitten friends

Cecelia and her foster sister RubyMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

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