A number of months after getting our first Ragdoll, Sasha, we began fascinated with getting a second.  My husband and I traveled typically and we had been involved that Sasha could be lonely.  We began researching breeders and located Crescent Moon a couple of hours from our house.  About 3 months later, we bought littermates we named Luka and Willow.  As they are saying, “Ragdolls are like potato chips. It’s hard to have just one.”  The kittens had been born February 4th, 2021.

Bringing Ragdoll Kittens Home:

They had been 13 weeks outdated once we introduced them house. Luka is a blue level bicolor.  Willow is Blue Lynx Point Mitted.  We had been so glad that they had one another.  Everything was unfamiliar to them, however that they had one another and that made the transition simpler.

We named Luka , as a result of his identify means gentle and we thought it went effectively with Crescent moon.  Luka is a wild boy.  He likes to run, leap , and climb.  We catified our basement to maintain him out of bother.  He likes to run as quick as he can throughout the planks and up the scratching put up hanging on the wall.  He doesn’t prefer to play within the basement with out a human.

Ragdoll Favorite Toys:

Luka’s favourite toy was Catit Spaceship.   Sadly, he is just too massive for it now.  He nonetheless crams himself into it and typically suggestions over.  Luka  additionally loves a tent and tunnel which might be designed for pigs!  It has been sturdy.  He positively assessments its sturdiness.  Luka likes to burrow.  He desires to go below each:  rug, blanket, sheet, or tablecloth he finds.  If he makes it below the sheets, he’ll possible chunk uncovered flesh. I discovered to tuck my covers tightly round me.  He actually is a candy boy. He desires love and a spotlight and I’m comfortable to present them to him.

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We have water fountains for the cats, however Luka prefers a mug.  He was all the time  getting  into glasses to see what people had been consuming.  We determined to present him his personal mug.  It sits on the espresso desk.  Luka will stand in entrance of his mug and perform a little water dance when he drinks.   The espresso desk is Luka’s present favourite place to nap.

Luka and Willow had not been socialized with tv.  Initially,  it scared them.  We labored with them to get them used to completely different exhibits.  Luka ended up liking tv.  He loves Clone Wars and comes working when he hears the intro music play.  Luka additionally likes to observe the present, Yellowstone.  When the horses are upset,  Luka tries to assist them. He seems to be behind the TV to seek out the horses.   Luka is a candy, loving boy. He greets me once I come house and wakes me up within the morning. He talks to me and tells me about his day.  He is my shadow .  I really feel like he has been with us for greater than 4 months.  He is an ideal match for our fur household.

Willow is the quieter and extra standoffish kitten, however she does have her wild facet .  We name her a ninja.  The method she jumps straight into the air appears to defy gravity.   Willow likes to climb.  She often sits to think about a plan of assault earlier than leaping into the fray. .  Willow’s favourite toy might be the Ripple Rug.  When we carry it out,  Willow goes loopy. She will sleep on it when she isn’t taking part in with it.

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Willow’s different love is plastic springs.

She will run all the way down to the basement to get a spring.  She places it in her mouth and runs again upstairs.  We discover springs inside closets and below furnishings every day.

Willow and Luka like to play collectively of their tunnel.

They like to chase one another.  If you possibly can’t discover Willow, she might be asleep within the tunnel.

We are thrilled to have these 2 Ragdolls in our fur household.  They make us chuckle, smile,  and really feel nice love, daily.

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