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Have you paid a lot consideration to the colours and sample of your Ragdoll cat? Maybe you’re a breeder who needs to study extra about what to anticipate from a litter. The topic of Ragdoll genetics is fairly fascinating as you get into it, as there’s a device you need to use to foretell the colours and patterns that every cat will carry.

I just lately requested readers to ship me photos of their Ragdoll and its mother and father, as a result of it’s enjoyable to see how the Ragdoll mother and father create the colours and patterns of their litter. It’s particularly enjoyable seeing whether or not the kid seems to be extra like mother or dad!

And in the event you’re fortunate sufficient to have a pregnant Ragdoll otherwise you’re even stepping into breeding, it’s potential to foretell what the seemingly colours and patterns of the kittens will likely be. Charlie, a seal mitted with a blaze Ragdoll cat (a kitten right here)

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Using Ragdoll genetics to foretell a litter

There are varied web sites that you need to use to foretell the colour and sample of the kittens {that a} mating will produce. One of the very best is from the British Ragdoll Cat Club. This helps you to add within the coloration and sample of the sire and the dam, and also you’ll get a breakdown of the female and male kitten potentialities.

There are eight most important colours of Ragdoll cat, with seal, purple, cinnamon and chocolate being a major coloration and blue, lilac, fawn and cream being dilutes. The distinction is that the primaries are extra dominant, so to particularly breed a dilute it’s essential be extra selective.

The most outstanding coloration of conventional Ragdolls is seal whereas lilac is without doubt one of the rarest, regardless of its reputation – making lilacs in demand for breeders. Cinnamon and fawn aren’t too in style, however there are catteries actively breeding them.

You can discover out extra in regards to the totally different mixtures with these coloration charts:

Ragdoll International Colors

Ragdoll International Colors Part 2

Ragdoll International Colors Part 3

Ideally, when predicting your mating outcomes, you’ll know the outstanding and the dilute genes that your cats carry. This will make the predictions far more correct. It’s vital for breeders to keep up the requirements of purebred Ragdoll cats, and quite a lot of that’s right down to how protected the colours are.

Tracing sample can be vital for breeders, because it helps to manage the white recognizing gene in a litter. Most breeders within the US will persist with breeding cats with a High Mitted Bicolor sample solely since that ensures the white recognizing gene doesn’t turn into too outstanding. Other breeds will use True Bicolour or Mid High White however they do embrace extra white.

Or at the least, they usually do, however there are variances. High Mitted cats categorical much less white than True Bicolor or Mid-High Whites, however particular person cats might look related even with the totally different genetics. You may get a High Mitted that’s on the max white it could possibly be, which seems to be prefer it has an nearly equivalent sample to a Mid High White which is on the minimal white of the genetic sample.

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Trigg, a Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll cat

That’s why it’s vital, in the event you’re a breeder, to know the sample you’re working with at a genetic degree – so for positive what patterns you’re working with and might precisely predict the patterns of kittens, and management the White Spotting Factor (WSF).

The Ragdoll Fanciers Club International has a superb technical rationalization, or in the event you’re new to breeding and genetics and discovering it just a little difficult, then this web site makes it just a little clearer with a metaphor round lightbulbs and brightness.

I spoke to Stormi Nell, a breeder at FamilytimeRags Ragdolls, who mentioned that her favourite mating will at all times be a Mitted-to-Mitted breeding, as it will probably produce all 3 patterns of Mitted, Colorpoint and Bicolor within the litter.

16-Year Old, Murphy, a Seal Mitted with a Blaze Ragdoll Cat

It’s value noting that each one Ragdoll kittens are born white – the colour will develop over the primary 8-10 weeks, though it’ll hold creating till the complete coloration and coat are current someplace within the first 4 years.

The historical past of Ragdolls – Josephine’s Genes

The historical past of Ragdoll cats begins within the Sixties with a breeder named Ann Baker, who borrowed cats from her neighbor Mrs. Pennels. These cats had been the offspring of Josephine, a white semi-longhaired Angora. Josephine had a standoffish temperament, as did her kittens, till an accident the place she was hit by a automobile.

After this, Josephine grew to become a lot calmer, and so did her kittens. They had been unusually docile and relaxed. They additionally had a bent to go limp once they had been picked up, which is the place the identify Ragdoll got here from, and the place Baker adopted the time period Raggedy Ann for her cattery. Baker purchased extra kittens from a neighbor and started selectively breeding for the traits of a Ragdoll, together with giant measurement, pointed colorization and that tendency to behave like a Ragdoll and go limp when picked up. These had been the primary Ragdolls and so they all carry Josephine’s genes.

Breed requirements for Ragdolls

The breeding requirements for Ragdolls had been first established by Ann Baker. She formulated a sophisticated breeding coverage and trademarked the identify ‘Ragdoll’, with solely breeders that had been registered as a franchisee via her International Ragdoll Cat Association (IRCA) permitted to breed and register an official Ragdoll cat.

If you bred a Ragdoll with out being part of the IRCA on a franchise, you had been refused permission to register the breed. Despite that, the character of the cats made them in style and so many breeders nonetheless signed up. The franchise construction was finally damaged when the courts dominated that Baker’s calls for had been too onerous.

Since the franchise mannequin was damaged, the breed has been formally acknowledged and you could find the breeding requirements for Ragdolls on the Cat Fancier’s Association web site right here.

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Specifically, on the subject of colours, the requirements state that time colours could be stable, lynx and parti-colored together with tortie. Subtle shading is permissible for the breed however a clear coloration is at all times most popular. All Ragdolls are pointed and the masks, ears, legs, ft and tail coloration must be dense and clearly outlined and all in the identical shade. The solely exception is the place there’s white overlay within the Mitted, Bicolor and Van patterns.

With a Bicolor sample, the specifics for the Ragdoll breed embrace the white inverted ‘V’ masks remaining inside the outer fringe of the eyes, ideally symmetrical. If the V extends past the periphery then the purpose rating for the breed will likely be penalized, and if the V has any darkish recognizing then the cat will likely be disqualified from the breed. Points are anticipated to be white however some recognizing is suitable.

On a cat with a Van sample, the purpose coloration is restricted to the ears, tail and masks and it must be dense and clearly outlined. Masks can present a gradual fade. Penalties are given the place greater than twenty % of the physique coloration is white, and the cat is disqualified if there isn’t any level coloration on the pinnacle or tail. It’s value noting that whereas the CFA permits the Van sample, The International Cat Association (TICA) doesn’t.

The Colorpoint sample is for cats which have ears, ft, a tail and a masks which have a darker and well-defined coloration, with nostril leather-based and paw pads that match the colour. The chest, bib and chin generally is a lighter coloration than the remainder of the physique. Disqualification is that if there’s any presence of a locket or a white spot wherever on the cat’s physique.

For the Mitted sample, cats ought to have legs (besides ft), ears, marks and a tail with well-defined coloration, and the chin have to be white and prolong right into a white stomach stripe. There must be particular distinction between the physique and the factors, with white mittens current on each entrance ft ideally going as much as the wrist joint. Kittens could have ghost markings – the complete coloration will develop inside the first two years. Cats are disqualified if they don’t have a white chin.

There are different requirements past coloration and sample {that a} Ragdoll should meet too, though in the event you’re breeding Ragdolls then these must be pretty commonplace. As a fast information, the cat’s eyes ought to at all times be blue and they need to have lengthy fur with a minimal undercoat. There’s a point-scoring system for the pinnacle, physique and coat too. Cats are penalized within the requirements if they’ve a thick undercoat, the eyes are too small, too spherical or both too pale or darkish, and if the cat has a roman nostril or a shorter tail.

As effectively as studying the official requirements, I’ve a web page all about colours and patterns the place you’ll be able to learn extra.

Thank you to the entire Ragdoll cat mother and father that despatched in pictures of their kitties with their mother and father – making this submit potential.

Seal Ragdolls with Their Parents

Eulalie Teddy
Mother – Eulalie Doris
Father – Busibu Dream On of Eulalie
L to R: Miss Pink Sugarbelle (8 years and 4 months) – Little Apple Sweet Pippin (Miss PSB’s Daddy) and Rags2Riches Nova of Little Apple (MissPSB’sMommy)

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Blue Ragdolls with Their Parents

Dad (Top Left) – Champion Riterags Simba of Rainbowragdolls – Photo credit score to Rainbow Ragdolls
Mom (Bottom Left) – Ragalong Sassy of Rainbowragdolls – Photo Credit to Rainbow Ragdolls
Rainbowragdolls Augustus (Right)
Rags2Riches Mikasa 3-26-2016. Her sire was Cozy Creek Supersonic Sammy. Her Dam was RoseHillRags Minnie of Rags2Riches, Both are retired now. She seems to be like her mama. Sammy and Minnie pics are courtesy of Scottie Cone, Rags2Riches
MoonCrest Percival, Blue Bicolor, 6 months previous
Parents –
Top: Fiorente Taffy, Sealpoint Mitted
Bottom: MoonCrest Zoe, Blue Tortie Point Bicolor

Chocolate Ragdolls and Their Parents

Red/Flame Ragdolls with Their Parents

Top photograph Dam: Calirags Kokopelli ( blue cream tortie level) & left photograph Sire: Romancenrags Hunka Burning Love aka Redd at 6 months (Red bicolor) Cajunragdolls Scarlett (photograph on proper)
Red Lynx Point Bicolor
Babyblueseyes Merlin Sunshineragdolls Kelso (Seal Bicolor Tortie) – Mom
Belarus Import Estee Amicomollis*BY (Seal mitted) – Dad
Babyblueseyes Merlin

Mink Ragdolls with Their Parents

Fancicat Farms Ragdolls Thomas
Dad is Austinfarm Prince Charlie
Mom is Fancicat Farms Princess Buttercup
Fancicat Farms Ragdolls Smokey
Dad is Austinfarm Prince Puffy
Mom is Fancicat Farms Princess Maggie

Genetic testing

As I mentioned, while you’re breeding Ragdolls it’s vital to know the genetic make-up of your cat together with full coat coloration DNA so that you could higher predict what you’ll get from a litter. If you don’t know all the small print, you’ll be able to take a genetic take a look at. A easy swab of your cat can let you know extra details about your cat’s genetics in addition to serving to determine indicators of your cat creating a extreme illness later in life.

Speak to your veterinarian if you wish to know extra about genetic testing of your cat, though there are kits you’ll be able to order on-line to do at house. It’s normally a cheek swab so causes your cat no ache, and also you simply want to verify to maintain them comfy to keep away from misery.

In conclusion

If you are interested in Ragdoll genetics or in breeding Ragdolls, there’s an enormous quantity of knowledge accessible that will help you breed the colour and sample that you just need to, or that will help you protect the purebred requirements and get official breed recognition.

Genetic testing is helpful in the event you’re beginning out as a breeder as you’ll be able to study quite a bit in regards to the dominant and recessive colours, in addition to any genetic well being circumstances.

If you have got a particular plan to breed the diluted colours, reminiscent of the favored lilac Ragdolls, utilizing a mix of genetic testing and the colour/sample predictor instruments will assist you have got the very best likelihood of success.

Leave a remark beneath in the event you’ve regarded into the genetics of your Ragdoll or in the event you’ve thought-about breeding, and even simply to share a narrative about which dad or mum your kitten seems to be most like!


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