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When it involves Ragdoll cat photos, you’ve gotta embody a few of Ragdoll cats in packing containers.  Thanks to all of the Floppycats readers that contributed images of their kitties for this put up:

Thunder in a Box cherished by June
Mystra and Peach cherished by Marilia
Sometimes when the world falls aside you simply must take a nap in a field…
Zoe Belle in her new kitty home compliments of Macy’s!
Anastasia Eloise hiding in a field so she doesn’t must brush her tooth
Perry in a field! Loved by Debbi
Ragdoll Snug in a field. Loved by Julie
“We take turns”
Meili, Princess Riceball after which Chopstix in the identical field
Ms Cede sleeping in her favourite sleeping place. Believe me, she retains a eye on the field so it isn’t thrown out. (cherished by Sharon)
After Tank and Elvis (his Yellow Labrador brother) went to heaven, I used to be lucky to undertake these two goof balls. In this picture, Finnegan is 7 months outdated and Oliver, his white Labrador brother, is simply 2 months outdated.
Ragdoll Cat in a Box – Emily cherished by Pamela
Snow in a field Loved by Tomomi
1 yr outdated ragdoll Kratos in a field.
Ragdoll Cat Mia in a field
This is Omar…a full-sized male ragdoll curled and asleep in an unusual shoebox! This is his present favourite mattress when he’s not doing a lap-sitting! He is 16 years outdated. And Omar when he’s not curled and sleeping in a shoebox.
Napa in stealth mode; surveying the room undetected from the safety of his invisible field.
Wendell (sporting a lion’s minimize) in a Box cherished by Laura Vitale
“Not going to get out, and you can’t make me, so there!”
Jamie in a field Loved by Darlene
Bandit in shoebox. Bandit is cherished by Ernest Paul
Boris has a fascination for empty tissues packing containers.
This one was taken when he was 7mts outdated.
We at all times appear to have an empty tissue field someplace on the ground.
Sugarbear cherished by Liz Broussard
Zander in a field cherished by Deanna Downs
Raggtown Ali OOp owned by Sandy Wuerch
Nicky in a field owned by Joan Frost
picture credit score Sue Widome; cat, Jeff
Diamond and Mellow owned by Darcey
Diamond Sitting in a field owned by Darcey
Raina in a Box owned by Alissa
Schiska (Blue Lynx Colorpoint) within the the ice cream field (owned by Sharon de Vos)
Zoey, owned by Kristen Collins, claims a brand new field

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Zoey is the field queen. Every time my husband and I get one thing new shipped to us within the mail, she’s proper there, ready for us to empty the field sufficient for her to leap proper in. She appears to take pleasure in it much more if it has good comfortable packing materials inside. The look she’s giving me within the picture included is one thing like, “This is my box now mom, don’t make me get out! Don’t throw it away!”

Simon in a Box, owned by Pamela
Simon and Leo in a field, each owned by Pamela
Bode, a flame bicolor mink kitten, owned by Pamela
Kazu owned by Joanne Deckard
a Lucy monster in a cat carrier-box
Abbey – 12 pound cat in a ten pound field
Calisha Acosta-Covarrubias’ Oliver
Calisha Acosta-Covarrubias’ Oliver
Calisha Acosta-Covarrubias’ Oliver
Calisha Acosta-Covarrubias’ Oliver
Caymus in a field
Dante Post Pack
Fighting Box – Hank and Howie
Hank and Howie
Hank in a Box
Reader Jana O’Grady mentioned, “Here’s Hunter watching me work. He stays in this box ALL day long. The box even made a move with us from NC to NY.”
Chiggs in a field
Hank in a Box (once more)
A decent match for Gracie
Louie owned by Lisa Staffa
Maddie loves this field on the Lake! 8-16-11
Eloise in her Vera Bradley
Stella in a Computer Box
Stella within the Vera Bradley field that Eloise grew out of
Trigg in a Costco Box
Wookiee in-a-box
Taro in a field
Mittens together with her child Eve
Saffireblu Ragdolls Chanel, a blue level companion, together with her man Merlin
Saffireblu Ragdolls Radiant Bella Donna when she was a kitten, one in every of our Queens
Taro and Tonks (tortie DSH rescue) in a field by Rebekah Chow
Taro, a Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll, in a field
Tonks and Taro in a Box
Tonks and Taro in a Box
Cleo in a field – Cleo is owned by Jess and lives in Australia
Inkie a seal mitted ragdoll aged 4 months owned by Charlotte Edwards
Inkie a seal mitted ragdoll aged 16 months owned by Charlotte Edwards
Inkie a seal mitted ragdoll aged 16 months owned by Charlotte Edwards

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Mulsanne in tiny field cherished by Karen
Rocky owned by Barbee Smith
Rocky and Lucky owned by Barbee Smith
Rosie the Ragdoll from the UK owned by Michelle
“Get your rubbish out….I need more space. How dare you pay more attention to those pink things :-)”
Khari – Ragdoll in a field owned by Martha Jimenez


Blaze is preparing for his nap on this Kohl’s field. His new favourite place to sleep. Chet prefers to sleep on high of his Kohl’s field. He naps right here on a regular basis. Both cherished by Arlyne
This is Bentley Charles, and he will likely be one yr outdated this March 24, 2016. He performs Bentley within the field and jumps out to scare his ball that goes round on a tube. He is unquestionably a puppy-cat. Owned by Deborah and Bob Myers.


Chiefy chill-laxing in his field Loved by Wendy
“When they like the box better than their toy that came in it”

Thanks to Rebekah Chow for sending in these movies of Taro in packing containers:

Fun with Swiffer

Taro Needs Boxhab:

The Box is Always Greener on the Other Side:

11 Ragdolls in Boxes.

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