Cat ebook writer and feline furnishings designer Kate Benjamin lives with a clowder of black cats. Seven in all, with pleasant names equivalent to Jeremiah Beandip, Horacio Queso and Pico de Gato. She refers to them as her little home panthers, a time period of endearment that has change into a common, modern-day homage to those felines whose mystique has earned them love and reverence for the reason that historic Egyptians handled them as gods.

Kate began dying her hair black when she adopted her first black cat, Ando, and named her enterprise Hauspanther, adopting the German spelling haus as a reference to the Bauhaus, a birthplace of recent design.

In many locations around the globe, black cats are symbols of excellent luck and luck. Although, there are nonetheless superstitions labeling them as unfortunate — and even evil — which make them targets of hatred and cruelty.

Kate is on a campaign to dispel the unfavorable myths, as an alternative selling black cats to be the humorous, pleasant and endearing creatures they’re.

Kate’s cat Jeremiah Beandip (proven as a kitten) is a product tester, picture shoot mannequin and shining testomony to how cute and endearing black cats are. ©Kate Benjamin

Just The info

Now that we’re within the twenty first century, it’s actually time to place superstitions to relaxation and as an alternative look to modern-day science. There have been many research about black cats regarding cats of different coat colours by way of their personalities and conduct.

Dr. Liz Stelow, chief of the UC Davis veterinary hospital’s Behavior Service, has performed an lively position on this analysis and sums up her findings in a single sentence: “We did not find black cats to be more aggressive than other coat colors,” she says. “Further, we didn’t find that they stood out in other positive or negative ways, either.”

According to Dr. Gary Weitzman, president and CEO of San Diego Humane Society, black cats (and canines) do are likely to get ignored by potential adopters.

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“But it may not be as significant as we once thought,” he provides. “There are some studies that show that there are simply more black pets because black coloration is a dominant gene. Therefore, there are more black pets in shelters.”

Says Dr. Weitzman, who has authored 9 books together with How to Speak Cat, “At San Diego Humane Society, our size of keep is negligible for all black pets — 31 days for cats and 14 days for canines versus pets of different colours — (27 days for cats and 15 days for canines).

“Black pets still can be undeservedly overlooked by adopters, but the good news is an animal’s personality shines through no matter what color their coat is. And there are wonderful people who will only adopt black pets knowing this is growing,” he confirms.

There are others the explanation why black cats may be ignored by potential adopters. According to a report revealed by the British Broadcasting Corporation, they’re the final to seek out properties as a result of they don’t look good in selfies!

Changing Shelter Policies

“At San Diego Humane Society, we have a wonderful team of professional photographers who volunteer their time taking great photos of our adoptable animals,” Dr. Weitzman says. “Black animals are harder to photograph (selfie or not), so having their expertise is crucial in showcasing the beauty of all animals in our care.”

The group, like many different shelters across the nation, additionally holds particular adoption promotions designed to offer particular consideration to black pets. These occasions are often tied to calendar days equivalent to Black Friday, Black Cat Awareness Day and Black Dog Awareness Day.

However, in distinction to many shelter insurance policies, San Diego Humane now not prevents black animals from getting adopted throughout sure instances of the yr, like earlier than Halloween, primarily based on the concern they’d be utilized in satanic rituals.

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“It’s a total myth, and over the years has prevented hundreds of animals from finding good homes,” Dr. Weitzman says. “Putting up pointless and ineffective obstacles isn’t the reply to defending them.

“The reality is, San Diego, like most big urban areas, is filled with compassionate, animal-loving people who want to open their hearts and homes to animals. We want to let them do this! We want to empower them and provide resources that encourage adoption — not obstruct it.”

San Diego Humane Society additionally gives adopters with lifelong assist to maintain these pets of their properties. Says Dr. Weitzman: “This open approach to adoption is saving lives, which is resounding proof that sometimes, letting go a little can be the best way to share the love.”

©Erica Danger |

#pawsforthiscause: So What Can YOU Do?

Take to social media to dispel foolish and outdated superstitions about our black feline associates.

Ask family and friends to share pictures of their black cats on social media to focus on the fun of residing with these black beauties.

Adopt a black cat your self! “Don’t judge a cat by his or her color, get to know their personality first!” says Kate Benjamin. “In fact, all my cats have really cool, laid-back personalities. When going to adopt a cat, be open to all the possibilities. You never know who you will fall in love with.”

Expert Tips for Beautiful Black Cat Photos

You need your cat to seem like the shining star she is, proper? Whether you’re capturing with a cellphone or a elaborate SLR digicam, listed here are some tricks to get the perfect pictures potential of any home panther!

© Erica Danger |

Set the scene. Don’t let muddle steal the present! Clear out any distractions from the world the place you’ll be capturing. Sometimes you’ll must sneak a photograph within the second and gained’t have time, however your cat will at all times look higher should you can brush away or lint roll any additional crumbs and free cat hair on the surfaces round them. This would possibly appear to be a boring tip, however belief me once I say it’s a sport changer!

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Find your mild. The most universally flattering lighting is pure mild that’s shiny however oblique, like the sunshine you see close to a window. Indirect mild is essential, although: Direct daylight creates harsh shadows and highlights. If you don’t have an awesome window, use a shiny lamp or two to mild the room. Be conscious that every mild supply or bulb has a colour tint referred to as its “temperature,” so should you’re seeing some funky colours in your pictures, strive a special kind of sunshine.

Play with distinction and colour. For really eye-catching pictures, colour and distinction are a black cat’s greatest good friend! Use brightly coloured throw pillows, blankets and even an attention-grabbing piece of material draped someplace behind your cat. Any colour or sample you like can work, nevertheless it’s enjoyable to strive hues that match your cat’s eye colour or a colour that’s the exact opposite!

Experiment with angles. If your whole pictures are taken whereas standing above your cat, you’re lacking out on plenty of unbelievable pictures! Instead, get comfortable on the ground and shoot from their eye degree, off to the facet or barely under them. Or rise up shut and private for an ultra-close magnificence shot! Certain angles will naturally create stunning separation between your attractive topic and the background behind them, so mess around and have enjoyable attempting new issues!

— Erica Danger, cat photographer


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