Meow, it’s Simon Says Reimers right here, and I personal human Rita Reimers, the Cat Behaviorist. Now, round right here we will’t get away with a lot, attempt as we’d, as my mother is an skilled with regards to cat habits. Well, we all know a couple of methods to get across the guidelines, however that’s a narrative for an additional time. Today I’m taking on her column, as a result of I’ve one thing that I have to inform you.

I pay attention to Mom’s telephone calls, and I watch when she and Auntie Linda are speaking to individuals about their cats. One of the issues I hear them speak about over and over is the litter field and why some cats don’t use it.

Of course, I’d by no means even take into consideration going anyplace else however in my litter field, however I can inform you what we felines are pondering as we strategy the field and what may be a turnoff with regards to utilizing it. Here are my high litter-box turnoffs:

Only one field

Cats don’t actually prefer to share something. So, in case your cats are sharing just one field, you’re going to have some upset kitties who will discover their very own locations to do their factor. I do know people don’t like that, though I don’t actually see the massive deal since we do it in secret locations and attempt to bury it nicely. We cats ought to every have our personal field, and possibly one further one, simply in case. My prissy sister, Sweetie Pie, doesn’t prefer to go inside a field after we boy cats have used it. Yeah, I don’t get it both …

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Litter field location

Where is my litter field, anyway? It was right here simply yesterday. Sometimes people like to maneuver the litter field and possibly even cover it when firm comes over, which means we have now to hunt for it whereas the urge to go is upon us. Some kitties have to rush upstairs to get to their bins, and older cats simply can’t try this with out having an accident. Some individuals even cover the litter field inside planters and furnishings so we will’t even inform it’s a potty place. Please put your cat’s bins in locations with quick access to allow them to use it in a rush. And don’t disguise it, or we might find yourself peeing on ALL the furnishings!

Not scooping sufficient

Approaching a field and having the odor smack me within the whiskers is NOT acceptable. When did you final scoop your cat’s bins? At least twice a day is appropriate, however much more is best. The final thing we wish to do is stand in a pungent field stuffed with different cats’ messes.

Lidded bins

Some of us cats won’t enter an enclosed litter field nor keep in there lengthy sufficient to not solely pee but additionally do Number 2. The different drawback with the lid is when a cat decides to select on their siblings, the siblings are sitting geese simply ready to be ambushed with no method out. No lid = a fast entry and exit to keep away from the litter field bully.

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Litter field dimension

OK, I do know I’m not the smooth tomcat I as soon as was. I’m a bit chunky, so I would like extra room. Even these slim little cats should be certain their rear ends don’t stick out of the field. If your cat can’t get into the field with room to show round, likelihood is they are going to be leaving an unintended current in your flooring when utilizing the field. The longer the field is, the higher we prefer it!

Scented litters

I get it. Humans don’t just like the odor of the cat field, and neither can we, actually. But a few of these litters you people give us odor just like the fragrance counter on the division retailer. Some of us don’t like perfumes and fancy scents and simply need some plain, previous, unscented litter. Plus, we received’t eat that scented stuff once we clear off our paws.

Chunky litter

And sure, our paws are very delicate. How else do you suppose we catch all these mice? Be type and provides us a litter that feels such as you’re strolling on the seaside in Saint-Tropez. Ah sure, that feels good on my little beanie toes!

Too a lot litter

Mom used to inform me the story about certainly one of her purchasers and the way they stuffed the litter field to the very high of the field! I wager these cats felt like they had been moving into quicksand as they sunk deeper and deeper whereas dutifully attempting to make use of that field. It’s additionally unhealthy to not put sufficient within the field, as a result of we cats prefer to bury our leavings in order to not entice predators. Just a couple of inches within the field is all we should be comfortable and devoted litter field customers.

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A remaining phrase

Of course, there’s one different factor I have to carry up: the dreaded V phrase. Yep, veterinarian. Even although we’d caterwaul and complain, we have to see the vet for a checkup if we’re avoiding the litter field loads and it’s a model new habits. If your cat is sick, it’s probably not his fault if he makes his messes on the ground. In nature, sick kitties keep away from the widespread areas shared by the opposite cats. That consists of the areas designated for going potty.

So, get that vet examine, comply with my easy guidelines, and I wager your kitties might be members of the I Use My Litter Box Club. Wait, that’s not a factor? Well, it needs to be!

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