What Smells Do Cats Hate? 9 No-No’s for Their Sensitive Noses

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A cat’s sense of scent is the first means he identifies individuals and objects

Unless we’re speaking in regards to the scent of excrement, the human definition of a foul scent can fluctuate considerably on a person stage. For some people, the scent of alcohol is insufferable, whereas others get pleasure from it.

Cats are rather more uniform on this sense (pun meant), as there’s a clear-cut listing of the highest 9 smells cats hate, i.e. they’ll most definitely hurt their delicate noses.

A Soiled Litter Box

You might need observed {that a} cat jumps out of the litter field as quickly because it has completed its enterprise. In this side, there’s little distinction between people and cats, as we too rush to flush the bathroom as quickly as we’re carried out.

This is a matter of hygiene, so cats, like their primate homeowners, share the innate feeling to remain away from excrement, albeit their very own.

If you’re sluggish to scrub the litter field, you’ll discover how the cat will refuse to make use of a unclean litter field. Even although cats, like canines, burry their pee and smelly poo, the stringent scent nonetheless wards them off.

Strong Cleaners

If we had been to put all family cleansing options in a single place, we might be shocked by their scope and sheers numbers.

From rest room deodorizers to varied cleansing brokers, all cleaning merchandise pack a punch when it comes to scent. The scent of chemical substances is powerful for the human nostril however for a cat’s nostril, it’s insufferable.

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Feline noses are delicate to poisonous chemical substances, as these odors can irritate and harm their mucous membrane, each within the nostril and contained in the mouth. Strong cleaners must be saved out of attain of each cats and kids. 

Cat’s sense of scent is 14 occasions higher than that of people


Moving onto extra nice smells, don’t anticipate your fuzzy pal to assist you make lemonade. Moreover, cats hate the scent of all citrus fruit, not simply lemons. This is as a result of a cat’s sense of scent is as much as 14 occasions stronger than a human’s.

What is barely discomforting and bitter for us, is a big deterrent for cats. This is for a very good motive, as citrus fruit and particularly oranges are poisonous to cats. As a pet proprietor, you should utilize this to your benefit and place orange slices round all of the “no-go” zones in the home.


From peppermint sweet to mint tea, we people discover the scent of recent mint refreshing. Well, your cat will beg to vary, as they discover mint astringent, identical to a citrus fruit. Again, mint and eucalyptus crops are poisonous to cats, so that they keep away from these odors.

The scent of menthol will irritate a cat’s nostril, so don’t eat mint sweet and get close to your cat’s face. They hate mint ointments and mint tea simply the identical. If you develop natural mint, then higher do it exterior of the condominium or hold it on an elevated window sill the place the cat can’t attain it. 


Another scent that may be a widespread freshener in our properties is pine. In reality, producers put pine scent in every little thing from rest room gel to cat litter, so select fastidiously which litter bag you choose up the following time you enter a pet retailer. Many cat homeowners have complained that their pets refused pine-scented litter!

Apart from pine, cedar is one other coniferous tree that cats dislike. Its sturdy, sharp scent of wooden doesn’t sit effectively with cats’ scent buds. If you let your cat go within the yard, you would possibly discover it giving pine and cedar timber a large berth.

Like different animals, cats have common olfactory (scent) receptors to select up the aromas within the air

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Hot Peppers

As people attempt to climb the Scoville scale and eat chili peppers, cats are turning their heads away from scorching peppers. In common, cats aren’t keen on spices and seasoned meals, because it irritates their noses. You will seldom discover chilly-flavored cat meals, for example.

When it involves making ready do-it-yourself meals for cats or sharing your plate, be cautious that you simply don’t supply your four-legged pal seasoned meals, like those containing curry or mustard. Their noses will sense this and the animal will rebuff you.


In the case of citrus fruit, one can perceive why cats don’t like their scent. However, it could come as a shock that bananas and their scent aren’t on the feline menu. Since the fruit is nice and attractive, it’s important to look elsewhere for an evidence.

Namely, bananas are loaded with potassium, and potassium chloride is the principle ingredient in quite a few medicines that cats dislike, to make use of a euphemism. Therefore, cats don’t hate bananas innately however they moderately develop the disliking as they go to the vet.

Fish Gone Bad

Humans eat fish however cats adore it! This is nothing new however when the fish turns dangerous, not even cats will eat it. Moreover, they’ll most undoubtedly be sick if you happen to feed them rancid fish with milky flesh. If you wouldn’t eat smelly fish, why ought to your cat wish to!

Other Cats

Any one that owns a couple of cat is aware of that cats don’t like one another’s smells. Cats are territorial, so while you introduce one other cat within the family, they’ll dislike its scent, as they’ll see the newcomer as a menace.

Each cat has a novel scent and the probabilities are excessive for the residential cat to begin spraying the home with its scent to repel the newcomer. Luckily, this defensive mechanism wears off over time, as each animals study to tolerate one another’s presence. 

By asking your self what smells do cats hate, you’re displaying real care in your pet cat. Once you notice how dangerous it’s to neglect to scrub the litter field or purchase pine-scented litter, you’ll make the cat’s life simpler.

Heck, even you’ll profit from this data, as spreading banana peel over a sure part of the yard ensures your cat in all probability gained’t enterprise there.  


What scent will repel cats?

The shortlist would come with; pine, cedar, excrement, sturdy cleansing chemical substances, bananas, citrus fruit (oranges specifically), scorching peppers, different cats, spoiled fish, mint, and many others.

What is a pure cat deterrent?

Citrus fruit, corresponding to lemon and orange are wonderful cat deterrents. The alternate options embrace banana peel, pine, mint, and robust chemical options, corresponding to cleaners discovered within the family.


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